Denis Vritov

Head of Machine Learning Research 7 Chord

Denis Vritov currently serves as Head of Machine Learning Research at 7 Chord, an award-winning start-up and the maker of BondDroid®, a customizable AI engine used to auto-price/auto-quote bonds and (soon) generate trading strategies. 7 Chord was named “Best in AI” by Markets Media Market Choice Awards, included on the list of “The Most Influential FinTech Companies of 2019” by FinTech Influencers and was a Benzinga Global FinTech Awards list-maker in the “Best in AI” category. Denis's current area of research focuses on development of scalable and deployable data pipelines for cluster computing, real-time outlier detection, and handling of concept drift in time series data. Prior to 7 Chord, Denis held numerous roles at Pfizer, working with big data storage and conducting research on predictive models for toxicity of trial compounds. Denis graduated with a M.S. in Computer Science (magna cum laude) from New York University with a focus in machine learning and database systems. He also holds B.S. degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Connecticut. 

Digital Week - Wednesday (EST)

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

10:50 AM Digital Debate: How to recover when machine learning goes wrong

  • Identifying at what point human intervention is necessary
  • Avoiding building models on spurious relationships

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