Alejandra Litterio

Chief Research Officer NLP and Deep Learning Eye Capital

Alejandra M. J. Litterio is a Co-founder and Chief Research Officer at Eye Capital, a Fintech which develops algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing with strong cryptographic properties.

As Director of R&D department, her work lies in the creation of a tailored-made financial lexicon. She has designed market driver lexicons in Spanish and English for the global financial markets. As part of the project, Alejandra is also outlining strategies to design algorithms able to detect key language markers and components which drive subjective behavior veiled in earnings conference calls.

Being a Linguist, her passion for studying the complexities and subtleties of the natural language and the ways to translate it into computational language became Alejandra’s driving force to explore new scientific approaches and paradigms. Alejandra is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing within the field of Systemic Functional Linguistics (Appraisal Theory) and Forensic Linguistics, leading innovative projects based on the MetaQuant approach, by definition, a multidisciplinary team of mathematicians, physicists, anthropologists, cognitive scientists, linguists, philosophers and developers to design algorithms with the ability to interpret financial unstructured and alt-data in real time. She also coordinates Eye Capital Quantum Labs.

At present, Alejandra is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Discourse Analysis at Universidad de Buenos Aires. She is a PhD candidate in Linguistics at UBA. She also works as a researcher at the Center of High Studies in Information Technology (CAETI) and teaches the “Computational Linguistics” seminar at Universidad Abierta Interamericana.

Ms. Litterio has been speaker and panelist in conferences internationally. She is the president of the Organizing and Academic Committee in the “First Symposium of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing” in Buenos Aires. Last but not least, Alejandra is a columnist in a prestigious newspaper and a frequent guest in “Reporte Economía”, a well-known radio program, where she analyses topics related to global economic and financial events, the application of algorithmic techniques and the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the financial arena.

Digital Week - Thursday (EST)

Thursday, June 25th, 2020

10:40 AM Digital Debate: Fundamental vs quantitative – comparing and blending strategies within the shifting market

  • Successfully integrating AI into the quant trading workflow
  • Assessing collaborative approaches that do and don’t work

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