Digital Week Sponsorship Opportunities

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We create digital experiences to help facilitate client conversations year-round, helping you to generate high quality content and thought leadership to keep your sales pipeline healthy.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to connect with your prospects and clients online. Whatever your goal, we can create and deliver campaigns from lead generation to content creation.

Through our global network of AI and Data Science experts we can help you deliver high quality leads.

Here is a taste of the digital opportunities we can facilitate for you.

Digital Debates

  • A thought-leader from your company can be the moderator on an industry researched, content-led digital debate.

  • With help from leading experts in the field, we create a debate topic and bring together up to 4 leading experts to share their experiences in a panel format.

  • The digital debate lasts 45-60 minutes and are a fun and easy way to demonstrate your expertise.

  • Position your company alongside industry experts, and generate leads through an engaged audience.

Customised Webinars

  • Host your own customised 45-60 minute webinar through our network of industry contacts.

  • Right now, webinars are an easy and fun way to expand thought leadership, engage your audience with a captivating presentation on the hottest topics, or present a client case study.

  • You can also come to us with a topic and we’ll help you facilitate the session.

Digital Boardrooms

  • Present your product or solution through a presentation or workshop, to a targeted and specific group of up to 10 key hand-picked individuals.

  • The digital boardrooms are designed to create maximum engagement with smaller groups whom you can interact with personally in a more relaxed environment.

The Digital Seminar Series

  • The Digital Seminar Series are named after the Alpha Events physical conferences, and are a great way to generate engagement and leads through recognised event brands, when people can’t meet you in person.

  • The seminars are made up of a series of quick-fire, 15 minute pre-recorded webinar presentations, available back-to- back, which are full of sharp and informative content, driven by you.

Whitepapers & Industry Reports

  • During this difficult time, it’s more important than ever to adapt product messages in-line with customer needs and industry sentiment, as well as create fun, educational content on how your solution will help them.

  • No matter the content type, be it research, surveys and interviews, white papers or infographics, we can help you.

  • Through our network of industry professionals, we are able to survey, interview, research etc, however best meets your needs.

  • We will then, with your collaboration, write, design and produces your final content piece to share with the industry.

Newsletter Promotion & EDMs

  • Email direct marketing or promotion on an event specific newsletter, is a great way to generate awareness and build branding around a product, service, news release or just keep your company front of mind.

  • We are able to run a limited amount of short-blast, high impact email campaigns (we recommend a series of 3) or promotion through branding/advertising on our event specific newsletter to help you meet specific business needs.

We'd love to have a chat about how we could help support you through our digital opportunities, get in touch so we can explore how we could work together. Reach out to Moira Robertson, our DIgital Sales Director on +44(0) 207 368 9341 or email