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Top artificial intelligence trends for 2018

From banking and insurance to travel, we sat down with NIIT Technologies’ Sasanka Panda to discuss what’s on the AI radar this year. Download this article now to learn more.

9 AI and machine learning startups you need to know about

From financial services to cybersecurity and everything in between, here are the AI and ML startups on our radar for 2018. Download this article now to learn more.

Chatbots: Putting the ‘art’ into ‘artificial intelligence’

A passion for design and the discovery of coding led Jasmine Anteunis deep into the world of AI. Download the article now to learn more.


AI 2020: the global state of intelligent enterprise

What does the intelligent enterprise of the future look like? Which sectors are set to benefit most from artificial intelligence? And why are the perceived challenges so numerous and diverse? Download this free report to find out more!

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