Digital Week - Monday (EST)

AI In Context

9:45 am - 10:15 am AI-Based Macro Strategy: a centaur approach to solve the prediction-explanation conundrum

Sebastien Guglietta - Senior AI Scientist and Macro Investment Portfolio Manager, Senior AI Scientist and Macro Investment Portfolio Manager

The perceived wisdom is that as human and machine brains have quite different strengths and abilities, the combination of both capabilities will offer the most effective solutions. But for how long will this remain the case? Does the vast increase in data to be modeled; advanced algorithms and new deep learning techniques mean that a machine-only advantage will be reached in the near future?


Sebastien Guglietta

Senior AI Scientist and Macro Investment Portfolio Manager
Senior AI Scientist and Macro Investment Portfolio Manager

10:25 am - 10:40 am When the World Sneezes, AI Catches a Cold

Kristina Fan - Founder and CEO, 7 Chord

Market regimes change all the time. Can your predictive system handle concept drift?


Kristina Fan

Founder and CEO
7 Chord

Panel discussion on the realistic use cases of ML processes within financial markets – how to separate fad from reality and utilise Machine Learning effectively. 


Mehrzad Mahdavi

Executive Director
Financial Data Professional Institute


John Ashley

Director, Global Financial Services Strategy


Ganesh Mani

Adjunct Faculty
Carnegie Mellon; ex-SSgA


Paul Ross

Senior Vice President, Sentieo


Chris Bowstead

Partner Account Executive


Avinash Sooriyarachchi

Pre-Sales Solutions Architect

12:15 pm - 12:35 pm Moving beyond the hype of AI & ML: Practical examples from other industries

Manoj Saxena - Chairman, AI Global

AI and ML have become the frontier for digital transformation. However, many companies are struggling with getting real business value and many ML projects are getting stalled. Learn how AI and ML processes are applied in other industries and key elements that can be translated within trading to achieve a competitive edge while managing five new AI business risks


Manoj Saxena

AI Global

Discussion about what fundamental questions the client should consider when evaluating options data partners.


Kasia Kobylarz

Business Development


Craig Iseli

Chief Operating Officer

  • Analysis and clustering of multi deep learning architectures applied to LOBs and return forecasting
  • Interpretation according to intrinsic order book features and dynamics
  • Local sampling versus global continuous training 

Jeremy Turiel

PhD Student and teaching assistant at UCL-ICL, AI & Data Science at Barclays Investment Bank
Barclays Investment Bank


Antonio Briola

MSc Student of Computer Science
University of Milano-Bicocca and UCL